Classic Snake .io

Classic Snake .io

Date added: 29/06/2018

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Classic Snake .io is an online game which you can play on y8 multiplayer games for free. It seems like the classic snake game but the difference is that you can play together with other players from 5 continents. In the beginning, you possess a snake and your mission is to grow it as the largest creatures on the screen.

Before playing, choose the favorite color for your snake such as blue, red, green, brown, purple, yellow, pink, silver, and so on. After that, name it and enter the game. The snake is made of a line of squares. It is your task to take the control of it and move it around the screen to catch food. The food is the colored dots suspended on the ground such as the green dots, white dots, orange dots, blue dots, and so on. When you eat food, your body elongates. Thus, the more food you eat in y8 kid games, the longer you are.

You can see your and your opponent’s position on the small map on the corner of the screen. There are many players around you and you must be careful in order not to crash them, otherwise, you lose the game and turn into food for other snakes. In addition to this, you can also kill your enemies by letting them hit your body and then you can eat them to grow. Change your direction or boost your speed in time to avoid crashing foes! However, boosting your speed and shorten your body, don’t take the bad advantage of it.

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Game controls:

Use arrows / WASD to move and left click to boost.

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