Tora Boy Adventure

Oh no! Unfortunately, Tora is trapped in the magic world and he can't find his way out. The clock is ticking! Can you help him? Tora Boy Adventure is an addicting action game which is most suitable for kids thanks to the cute graphics.

The palette of this game mostly consists of pink, baby blue, brown and white. Moreover, the game has a variety of characters, from Tora to the cute cookies, to the ugly monsters. The kids will definitely fall in love with these characters and enjoy the game with their friends. Your tasks here are to control Tora and move through the obstacles and to collect all the cookies for him.

There are ten levels in total, so try your best to successfully finish all of them in order to help Tora escape. In each level, make sure that you collect as many cookies as possible. Do you think this is easy? It will get harder after each level due to the appearance of the obstacles, the traps, and many ugly monsters along the way. But don't be afraid! Y8 game provides such a detailed instruction that even new players will be able to follow.

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Instruction to play:

Instruction: control the character with arrow keys or use the mouse to click on the arrow button on the screen.