Baby Taylor Caring Story Children's Day

Children's day is always the care of parents as well as children. Because this is the day that children receive special care. Join now on the game Baby Taylor Caring Story Children's Day at y8 free games to be able to experience the Children's Day. The baby is planning a party to entertain his good friends. First, take the baby to the mall to be able to choose a new dress for her. There are many types of dresses. Buy it all after you buy shoes, hair accessories, jewelry and a lot of other things.

Go to the checkout counter to bring all these beautiful items back. Then there's the costume selection for Taylor. Tonight you first choose the appropriate hairstyle. With short hair, she will be better? Then you can choose a skirt with many different styles and colors. Depending on your preference, choose a dress that you like best. A pair of shoes is also indispensable in this outfit.

You choose for her a shape of sports shoes or high heels. Accessories that will make her more sparkling than the options for her are an eye-catching necklace and an earring. In the end, that's the hat. After that, you will go to the kitchen to get the utensils and create a warm birthday party with cake, water, fruit and balloons. Let's enjoy the party! Let's invite your friends to join the game play now Baby Taylor Caring Story Children's Day at Please challenge some other similar games like Cooking Fast 4 Steak and My Home Design Dreams 2

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to win.