City Car Stunt 2

City Car Stunt 2 at is an addictive online driving game that you can fully engage in computer to your mobile phone. With extremely unique graphic design, vivid sound. I am not sure that you will enjoy this game. Are you ready for a drive with lots of pitfalls yet? You will control a car on a road between skyscrapers. It is not a flat road but it has unexpected curves and gaps so you can fall at any time. So you can win in this game you need to use observation and intelligence to overcome challenges.

The game has many levels behind you waiting to explore. Overcoming the first mission let's start with the next mission full of difficulties and great challenges in this game. You can play as a single-player or invite your friends to play. Try to be the leader in this race and bring yourself some of the highest points ever. Comfort and freedom to drive with your favorite speed and get the feeling to drive in these skyscrapers.

Try to complete 6 different routes in the game City Car Stunt 2 at y8 free games before time runs out. Such an engaging game you should share with your friends and your friends to join the game today to participate now in a car race with the genre with the same new batch. Why don't you challenge yourself to add some interesting game genres in the other as well Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure and Monster Truck 2020

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys and the WASD keys to control your car.