RoBBiE is a fun platform game with a futuristic robot theme that you can play here . You control an adorable robot named Robbie – Robbie is attempting to undo the damage that the bad robot Rustie has caused. Rustie has meddled in the robot manufacturing plant and cause many robots to turn evil! You must help Robbie collect the lost microchips and restore order to the factory. 

There's a robot in the factory who really has it in for cute little Robbie the robot. After Robbie's nemesis causes the other robots in the factory to malfunction, Robbie must collect the lost machine parts to fix the errors. Guide Robbie across the dangerous factory floor. Solve the puzzles along the way and find the two hidden objects in each level!

The controls are simple and you just have to use the left-click mouse button to interact with the various objects to allow Robbie to move through each level. The gameplay is interesting and challenging and you will enjoy the various challenges and puzzles presented. Can you help Robbie undo the mischief caused by Rustie?

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Instruction to play:


Use left mouse button to play.