Nyanicorn is the latest funny adventure game which you can play on y8 games online for free. It is another addition to the super fun Nyan Cat series. You are in the cosmic universe with the various beautiful stars in the sky. Your naughty Nyan cat is discovering this new land. It is your mission to help Nyan go further in the endless way as well as gain coins and collect the useful items.

In this game, you must travel as usual and far as you can to try your best to earn the high score. However, this game has a slight twist as you will use platforms to land on and you must jump from one to another to stay in the game. The black platforms are in everywhere to help you. The distance between 2 platforms is different, you must watch out to land in the suitable time and right place. If you miss out the platform and fall down, you lose your life in y8 interesting games.

You have 3 lives each time playing. Each time you fall out of the way or crash the obstacles, you lose one life. After 3 times, you lose the game. Your total score is the total of your points you earn in 3 times. There are many delicious treats that you should collect such as the cakes or hamburgers. Furthermore, one attraction of this game is the lovely track.

Try your best to go further and explore the endless way in the game.

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Instruction to play:

Use Z to jump, press twice for a double jump, and X to dash.