My Little Bunny Caring

My little bunny was injured by accident and it is so sad now. Can you be a doctor and take a surgery for it?

Bunny Pet is a virtual world where you must care for your little rabbit at

  • Choose a name, choose the gender, and you'll be ready to play.
  • You have fun in your incredible home surrounded by nature
  • Remember that your rabbit needs to eat and sleep, so check their needs.
  • Your little rabbit also want to play, try some of their games.

You can play in his plane and get many golden carrots. You can also play on your boat and see how many carrots you get fish.

Do not forget to go to the store and choose a nice skin for your rabbit

What are you waiting? ready to care for your pet?

After that, you can dress up for this cute bunny and spend a wonderful day with it. Are you ready for your amazing day with the little bunny?

Instruction to play: