This time at y8y8y8 games, we bring an updated version of the Bomb It game. It's! This is a cool .io multiplayer game that is developed based on the inspiration from the original retro Bomberman game and the Bomb It game series. Thanks to the combination of the features, the fans of the original games will surely be satisfied.

Before you start the game, you can choose your character's appearance and pick a name. Once your character is ready, you can enter the multiplayer arena. Our aim in this Y8 online game is simple: to eliminate the other players using your bombs! Move around the map while avoiding the dead-ends, the blocks and simply drop a bomb next to another player, run away and watch it explode! How can you win the match as fast as possible? You must come up with a smart tactic and try to outwit and corner your opponents so they cannot escape.

However, be careful not to stay close to your bomb since the damage range can affect you as well. You can also destroy the blocks on the map in order to collect some gifts such as the speed boosts. But not all power-ups are helpful. Watch out for those that can provide harmful effects.

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Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move, place the bombs with the spacebar and use A, Z, E to use special boosters.