Pet Sports

Pet Sports is a fun sports-themed game featuring animals as contestants that you can play here on y 8 love. This fun and cute pet sports game is inspired by the popular Duck Life series. Pet Sports allows you to train six different animals and increase their skill in swimming, running and motor racing!

The game starts with choosing an avatar that you love. There are three sports you can participate and three buildings to go around with. The three sports are swimming, driving, and running. The first buildings is where you can train your disciplines to improve their level, next to that building is the stadium where the contests and tournaments take place. Finally, the last building is the shop where you can buy items to boost your sports performance.

You can train each different skill by completing different mini-games. During the swimming challenge at juegos de y8, for example, you must guide your pet down a swimming lane while ducking under obstacles and collecting coins - you must also watch your stamina bar! Once your pet is ready, you can enter the main tournaments and compete to become the top pet trainer!

Instruction to play:

How to play?

Swimming controls

Space bar to dive

Motoracing controls

AD or left/right arrow to move

Running controls

AD or left/right arrow to move