High Noon Hunter

High Noon Hunter is a fantastic arcade game that you can play on y8 online games for kids in your browser, free of charge. Your beautiful town is invaded and it has become plagued with dark and evil creatures. You are the only one surviving in this land and your mission is to eliminate all these awful enemies and save your land.

Are you ready to eradicate them and free your town from their grip? Your evil enemies appear everywhere. They are the mummies moving on the ground and they will attack you as touching you. They are the strange bluebirds who are shooting at you from a long distance. They are the wicked witches flying in the sky and trying to attack you. You have to avoid the bullets of the birds and avoid touching the mummies and witches to keep yourself in safe in y8 2018 online games. Besides, you can see a group of nails on the road. Jump higher to overcome them without touching them.

In addition to this, use your gun to shoot at them to attack them. For each killed enemy, you gain 2 coins and each coin is equivalent to 2 points. Sometimes, you can see the gold bags on the road, collect them for more points. You can use these points to buy new weapons such as the revolver, shotgun, sniper, SMG and so on. They have the different fire rate, power, and ammo.

Try your best to go as far as possible to gain the highest score.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows to move and Spacebar to jump.