Snail Bob 5 Love Story

How to know he or she is your true love? Bob loves a lady snail at first sight. Once he saw her in the poster, he can’t wait to find her. However, he has to go through the dangerous forest to go to her concert. Can you help him? Snail Bob 5 Love Story is the latest sequel of the great Snail Bob series and you can play this game for free at y8 for free games. It is a combination of platform and puzzle game in which each level features a different challenge as a puzzle that you have to solve to unlock the next level.

A journey filled with dangers and challenges is waiting ahead. Whether he succeeds or not, it all depends on you. The game has in a total of 75 levels and you should expect that the challenging level will increase as you process. In each level on, you have to observe around to find the clue and use them to keep Bob moving forward. Besides, even Bob reaches the exit successfully, your mission still fails because to unlock the next level, you have to collect at least one star. These stars are hidden somewhere.

Look for them before Bob comes to the exit. The characteristic of a snail is slow movement. So if Bob moves at such a slow speed, he can’t go to the concert of his love in time. You can boost his speed by using the speed button. Hopefully, Bob can meet his lover. And for you, let’s play other games as fun as this one such as Happy Color and Music Line Christmas 

Instruction to play:

Click to solve the puzzle.