Table Tennis World Tour

Have you ever played table tennis? If you haven't, now it's the chance for you to try it out by playing Table Tennis World Tour - the latest Y8's game. This is a brilliant sports game in which you can test out your table tennis skills and compete against the other opponents.

Your first task in this game is to choose which nation you play for and then start competing in the global tournament. Like any normal matches of table tennis games, your task is to win the match by hitting the ball so that your opponent can't counter-attack. To control your table tennis bat, just simply move your mouse. In this Y8Y8Y8 game, the mouse represents the movement of your hand, therefore, you can control the speed and spin of your shots with the great accuracy.

The winner of the match is the first to gain 11 scores so make sure every rally counts. You need to keep the pressure on your opponent, also be careful and stay focus. Another tip for the new players is that you should time your shots carefully. Moreover, use different spin shots to catch your opponent off guard. The graphics are cool and the gameplay is smooth and realistic. All in all, just go to and try out one of our amazing games like Balcony Diving and Grindcraft. Can you defeat your opponents on the world tour?

Instruction to play:

Drag and move your mouse to control the racket.