Doodieman Bazooka

Doodieman, the obnoxious superhero, is back on Y8 game! And this time he's up against a zombie swarm! In Doodieman Bazooka, shoot the zombies with his poop bazooka! Save the planet by shooting down oncoming zombies!

Doodieman Bazooka is a physics-based zombie shooting game with a plethora of levels to explore. Isn't a well-placed poo in the face the best method to defeat your adversary? In this amusing and nasty shooting game, help Doodieman shoot his poop bazooka at all the zombies and defeat them all.

The goal of each level is to defeat all foes using just a restricted number of shots. After all, poop is only limited. Make sure to angle your shot and make every shot count!

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Instruction to play:

The objective of the game is to aim and shoot the projectiles at the enemies that are distributed by all the platforms in each level. Use wisely your ammunition that are not infinite and can run out.