Domino Smash

Are you ready to challenge yourself and an Intellect Tour game? Join now Domino Smash at y8 for free games to get things you never had before. The game will give Dominoes to put them into different shapes. And your task is to shoot the ball into the Domino area and make them tilt down to change color. Sounds simple right? But there are always obstacles in front of you. Obstacles can move or in places where you can hardly perform your task.

So I think that you need to equip yourself with those skills which are observation. Make the most of your intelligence into the game. Thinking of the way to hit the ball most accurately and making all Domino tilt. If you are unlucky the ball touches an obstacle then you will have to start from the beginning. The game has countless levels for you to challenge your intellect. Try to win all the levels.

You will definitely become the best brainer here. What are you still hesitating? Enjoy all the great things the game Domino Smash at has to offer. What do you think? If I share the fun you have from the game playing with your friends and invite your spouses to join the game today to be able to participate in a gameplay intellectual puzzles as well as relax in the best way ever. It is great if you are interested in this puzzle game genre, you absolutely can explore some other interesting game genres similar to Neon Biker and Five Hoops 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to be able to shoot the ball.