Snow Storm

Snow Storm is a 3D snow race which brings you to an exciting area covered by snow and you will race through a slippery snowy terrain. Your racetrack is very hard with slopes, humps, and obstacles. Are you ready to become the professional skier in y8 games online?

Before playing, choose your character as well as ski. There are plenty of modern skis and beautiful character for you but many of them are locked. It means you have to progress and earn a certain amount of money to unlock these powerful characters.

The game treats you with 2 modes in y8 games for school: single-player and multiplayer mode. In the single-player mode, you will play with the CPU and in the multiplayer mode, you have a chance to compete with your friend. Then, select the local save regime to save your result on your computer or choose the online save to let your score be stored online.

There are many players on the race track with you. You have to hurry up to reach the destination first to become the winner. However, watch out the slopes, humps, and obstacles. They appear suddenly so you must act fast to change your direction in order not to crush the barrier or obstacles.

Furthermore, try to collect all the gold coins on the way to get the bonus points. Collect speed bonuses on your way to speed up and avoid the red signs that will slow you down for a while. Get to hop on a motorized snow vehicle and race against several competitors and reach the endpoint to unlock new characters and challenge racetracks! Have fun!

Please rate the game highly and don’t forget to share the game with your buddies to race together. Explore more racing games at like Highway Rider Extreme and Road Racer.

Instruction to play:

Use Arrows / WASD to drive, Space to brake, and C to change the camera.