Sushi Battle

In order to become a chef specialized in making sushi, it takes years of training and practicing. But now at y8 game free, you can try out the job of the sushi chef in Sushi Battle online game without too many years of training. This falls into the category of the multiplayer food making games.

In the game, you compete with other players to be the fastest chef at serving sushi to customers. First, the customers will make their requests by displaying them in the cloud above their heads. Then, you will be responsible for choosing the correct ingredients to make the sushi. Place the ingredients one by one on the sushi mat and roll it to make a perfect piece. Do you know all the ingredients for each dish? If you don't know, just simply click on the menu book which is placed on the table to check the ingredients if you need some help.

However, as you proceed into this y8y8 free game, there will be many new requests for different sushi and some of the recipes might not be available in the book. Just be patient because those new sushi recipes will be unlocked later. Another thing that you should notice is the limited time range for each customer. Now that you're ready, let's roll!

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to choose the ingredients and roll the mat.