POPiT Plus

You can play this game for free con Y8. The season's biggest hit, the sensory anti-stress toy POP IT, is now a fun computer game. To pass the first level, click on the pop it and collect points. Then things get a little more complicated. There may be a variety of balls in the pop it that must be collected by clicking on the equivalent giant balls at the bottom of the playing field.

Otherwise, you'll lose points or the sagging pimples will revert to their previous state. Remember that you can pick up a soccer ball with a large soccer ball, a volleyball ball with a volleyball, and so on. POPiT Plus is a game that combines anti-stress, clicker, and mahjong into one.

Play and win this game on https://y8games.games/

- Unique gameplay 
- Improves response time and vision Not everyone will make it to the tenth level!

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Instruction to play:

mouse, touch control