Have you ever tried Skeeball? It's an interesting sports game that is loved by many people. You might even add it to your favorite game list after trying it out! This is a classic arcade game that you can find on the street or in some game centers.

Let's go through the game with us. When you first enter the game, you will find a detailed instruction on how to play the game. On the game board, there are many hole balls, some balls in the tube to your right and the control arrows. Your task in this game is to shoot the ball to the holes and the total sum of the numbers will be your final scores. You can change the ball's position and choose the direction, however, you can't choose the ball.

After all the balls have been shot, your turn is over. So try your best to aim for the high score holes to have the best record. The higher the hole, the harder it is to shoot precisely. In order to win, players will need great observation skills and estimation, along with the fast reaction because if you hesitate or calculate for too long, you will lose your turn.

So come to to have fun with Skeeball and many games such as Pride Mahjong and Solitaire Daily Challenge.

Instruction to play:

How to play the game: control with your mouse.