Robots Defense

Robots Defense a free online strategy game brought to you by y8 games online for kids. You will gain the interesting experiences and the relaxing time when playing this game. You are a robot possessing a shooting machine. You stand still on the bottom of the screen and your enemies appear from the top or the middle of the screen.

You have to fight against many types of opponents in the different sizes and shapes. Many of them are very large, many of them are so small. Many of them can run fast, many can fly. Besides, various spaceships fly slowly. You can’t guess their path and direction, thus pay attention and act fast in order to kill them.

You have a shooting machine and it is a laser gun. You must draw a line and your machine will follow this line to destroy your opponents. Make a wise plan in order to create a perfect line. You need to kill the rivals before they reach your base. Once they can touch and attack your castle, you will weaken. You have 3 lives totally, each time the foe reaches your tower, you lose one life and you die as all of them go out.

When playing, you can see the bar on the bottom. Once you slay the enemies, it increases and your life will fill up if it is filled.

The more spaceships you destroy, the more points you gain. Try your best to keep yourself and your tower safe.

If this game impresses you, don’t hesitate to vote it 3 stars. Tell the game to your buddies to have fun in the free time. Explore more games like Sir Knight and Red Light Green Light.

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to draw the line.