Dunk Shot Online

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a basketball master to write your name on the Leaderboard? Come to best Y8 games latest game Dunk Shot Online to enhance your skill before competing in the real world. This is a new game with the basketball theme.

However, we can guarantee that it is totally different from the basketball game that you usually play. Normal games tend to have a court setting and your tasks are to outrun the opponents and to score. But in this game, there are no courts, no players, no opponents. All that you can see on the game screen are the ball and the baskets. Your main task is to launch the basketball and shoot it from one basket to another. In order to shoot precisely, use the dots to aim and know the direction as well as the force.

After you successfully shoot the ball into one basket, the next one will be revealed. So there is no chance of knowing the position of the baskets beforehand. A tip for the new player is that you should try not to miss any baskets as you only have one life. Should you miss, the game is over immediately. Y8 game 1 player makes this fun game so that you can compete with your friend or create a high score and break the record.

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Instruction to play:

Instruction: pull and shoot the ball with your mouse.