A game in which you must consume other players while avoiding getting eaten. Gain experience points, level up, collect coins, and create powerups. Use powerups like 2x speed, teleporting portals, and minions/bots to defeat your enemies.

In Cellcraft.io, it's either eat or be devoured! Which one would you choose to do on y8y8 games?

To cover additional ground, it can break into smaller blobs. That'll come in handy while you try to eat as many other blobs as possible during this epic feeding frenzy! Also, try to collect as many coins as possible. In the shop, you'll be able to trade them in for cool skins, useful things, and more!

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Instruction to play:

Control your blob with your mouse. Press space to split, and w to eject food. Eat other larger players to grow and dominate the map. Eject food to the gold ores to farm coins.