It's a multiplayer word game called Wordsoccer.io on y8y8 games. The goal of the game is to score more goals than your opponent in the time allotted. To score a goal, you must use the characters displayed in the bottom game bar to form words. When the total number of letters used reaches 25 or more, the goal is scored!

Wordsoccer.io is a game where you create words from the most frequent English words.

Good luck and have more fun on https://y8games.games/!

The game is now accessible in two languages: English and Czech. More languages, as well as a "play online with your friend" mode, will be available shortly. Make as many words as you can!

Cool, right? Return in this game in the future to explore more new missions and don’t forget to check out new options such as Impostor Rescue and Nextrealm Bubbles

Instruction to play:

Mouse or keyboard