is a superb multiplayer combat based .io game which you can play on y8 games for free. The war takes place everywhere and everyone has to try the best to survive. The game is played by many people around the world at the same time, so you have a chance to compete with plenty of skillful players.

Each player has a sword, use it as the weapon to attack the enemies. Before entering the arena, you can choose and name your character and choose its skin. Many skin colors are locked and you can unlock them when you progress such as red, blue, black and so on. Besides, the different characters have different types of weapons including Samurai Swords, Maces, Axes and long swords to name a few.

Once you finish customizing your character, you can start fighting in y8 online games. Move around the battlefield and touch the colorful dots to lengthen your sword and improve your score. These colored jellies are scattered on the ground and the more dots you collect, the longer your sword is, so you can attack the opponents better. When seeing the ememies coming to you, you should wield your sword in their place and you can slay them, once you finish a kill, your sword will become shiny for a moment, and you'll complete a combo kill for bonus points if you kill another enemy in before the shin disappear.

The game has 3 modes for you to choose: the classic mode which you must fight for your life alone, the capture the flag mode which you must kill your foes and capture the flag and the team mode which you have to play in a team to slay the opponent team. Each of them has its own interesting features and all of them are worthy to try out. Let’s wield your sword to kill as many enemies as you can and gain the highest score to unlock more character with the powerful weapons.

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Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to move the character, use Spacebar or left click to attack, and W or right click to dash.