Round Hit 3D

These tapping and shooting games have been all the rage at y8 2019, so we would like to introduce you to a new addition in this list called Round Hit 3D. It is an addictive arcade game where the players just have to tap continuously and at the right timing to complete all the missions. Advancing to new stages here is not that hard, but only the best players can claim the top spots on the record chart.

The rule is simple and very entertaining, especially for the ones who want to relax their minds. You only need to control the little bear on the flying machine and tap to shoot. If you shoot properly at the board, slices will be smashed. Keep shooting the paintballs until there are no pieces left on the board. Only then can you move to the next spinning board! Keep in mind that you also have to stay away from the popping obstacles at to keep your flying machine stable.

There will be some black blocks scattered on the board that you need to avoid shooting. The best thing is the expanded world that you can experience if you manage to unlock new levels. There are up to 1000 levels here, all of which are for free so that the little kids and even adults can enjoy the game without any worry! For more choices in this category, why don't you check out some shooting games like Lost In Jungle and Tornado Bump 3D after this experience?

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to shoot the paintballs.