Santa Gravity Run

Christmas is here again. Santa Clauses are rushing to prepare gifts for children. They were lost trapped in an adventure game Santa Gravity Run at y8 games 2020. Join now to be able to help Santa escape the deadly traps. Take Santa Claus to the end of this road to collect the gift boxes. But the front is full of difficulties that are nail holes or unexpected gaps. Deadly obstacles are high up.

So how can you safely take Santa on this road? It requires you to have skills for observation and skill in moving. Jump up and reflect quickly when encountering the nail holes to not fall. Numerous challenging games ahead require your skills you. Are you afraid of it? Do not hesitate to challenge them now. We believe that you will be able to win everything. Try to pass 12 levels of the game in a snow-covered adventure path. Be careful not to be fooled and a snare.

Take Santa away and have fun experiencing the exciting things that the game gives you. Collect the red bricks to bring you a high score. Allow yourself to learn more mysteries in the game Santa Gravity Run at What if you shared this game with your friends? Join your friends now to join the game so you can experience a very difficult game with Santa. If those games leave you much impression. Let's explore with a few other similar adventure entertainment games like Dumb Riders and Perfect Ironing

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys and mouse to be able to experience.