Anna's Wedding Ring Design

Anna's Wedding Ring Design

Date added: 25/08/2018

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As the special wedding of Princess Anna and her fiance, Kristoff is coming soon, the citizens from girl games are buzzing while preparing for the wedding. You are recruited as a famous ring designer to come up with a stylish design for their wedding rings. The wedding rings are very important pieces of the event and they are the symbols for the couple's love.


With such meaning, we need you to use your imagination and creativity to make the best rings for our prince and princess. In order to make a pair of rings from scratch, there are four steps that you need to carry out. You will need to choose the ring shapes, make a pair of rings from the metal, decorate them and choose a box.


First, take a pick among the two most popular shapes. Next, you can start using the hammer and make the rings out of the gold stick. Be very careful as you carve the rings since gold is a soft metal. Now that you finish that step, it's time to start coordinating all the jewels and colors to decorate the most beautiful and glamorous rings ever.


You can use many kinds of jewels from Y8's collection to come up with a perfect match ring box. This special moment requires a special ring designer, so let's play the game at There are numerous games with this theme such as Sisters Nails Design and Shoe Designer Marie's Girls Games

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choose with the left mouse.

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