War of Caribbean Pirates

War of Caribbean Pirates is the non-stop action hack ’n’ slash pirate game which you can play on y8 games online for free. This game promises action at the end of your fingertips. You are on an island with many other pirates and you are a deadly pirate with one single vow and that is to slay every other pirate across the islands and take the land for your own. Show off your fighting skills and overcome many challenges to win the game.

This beautiful sword fighting game in a pirate-style brings you to a beautiful island. You come from the sea to the land. Many enemies are waiting for you in the wooden bridge, you have to kill them and come to the land to find other foes. Walk along the road, come in the abandoned houses, and use your sword to attack enemies. Before entering the war, choose your character between a young man and an old man with a missing eye. Then, start with the first map in y8 games for kids.

Your target in each map is different. For instance, in the first map, you have to kill 9 opponents. You have to complete the first mission to unlock the next one. The game doesn’t limit your playing time, so watch out and attack your enemies at the right time. Your life is 100 in the beginning, as you get injured, it decreases and you lose the game if it runs out. When you are walking, sometimes, you meet the health box, collect it to heal your wound. Attempt to unlock many maps to discover the beautiful land.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD to control the movement, left click to attack, right click to block, Spacebar to jump over the obstacle, Shift to sprint, Q to roll, and C to crouch.