Unfair Stunt

Unfair Stunt is a great car driving game which is playable online on y8 car games for free. This is the thrilling driving game in which you have a chance to test your driving skills and it is the best way for fans of racing to relax. In the game, you have to not only control your car to reach the end safely but also collect the stars on the road to earn points.

Before playing, you can choose your favorite car. We have 5 cars for you to choose but only the simple white one is free and the others need you to earn money to be unlocked. For example, the modern white one costs 20000 dollars, the black one has the price of 30000 dollars, the yellow sports car needs 40000 dollars to be unlocked and you have to earn 50000 dollars to buy the yellow vehicle. Now get ready to conquer the game of y8 wonderful games!

You have totally 45 levels to try on. Each of them has the different challenges and obstacles but the main mission is to reach the destination safely. You have to overcome many obstacles along the way and then, the most difficult challenge is that you must make the hard stunt to fly through the deep hole successfully. Otherwise, if you fall down the sea, you die and lose the game.

In addition, there are 3 stars in each level and you need to collect them all for bonus points. If you lose one level, you will be deducted 1000 points. Try your best to conquer all 45 levels and buy the best car.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to control the car, F to use nitro, and space bar to brake.