In the new drawing and guessing game Drawar.io, you may unleash your artistic skills and work together with other players to solve sketch-based puzzles. Draw the app's suggested words or guess what someone else is drawing, then put in your response and check to see whether it's correct. Try to solve the mystery by chatting with the other users on Y8.

The game offers a simple, intuitive interface and a selection of sketching utensils that you can use in whatever way you choose to express your artistic vision. Have fun playing Drawar.io with https://y8games.games/

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Instruction to play:

Join a lobby where one of the players is randomly assigned by the AI to draw the sketch. If you get selected, you will be given a choice of several words – let’s say they are “sock”, “chocolate cake” and “car”. You are supposed to pick any option you like and start drawing that object without actually spelling the word with letters.