Street Shadow Classic Fighter

Street Shadow Classic Fighter

Date added: 23/05/2023

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In the new exciting online game Street Shadow Classic Fighter you will have to help your character fight on the streets of the city against various criminals from different street gangs. In front of you, your character will be visible on the screen, which will move forward along the street. As soon as you notice the enemy, engage in a fight with him. Controlling your hero, you will carry out a series of blows to the head and body of the enemy, as well as use various techniques. Your task is to knock out your opponent and get points for it in the game Street Shadow Classic Fighter. The enemy will also attack you. You will have to force the hero to block his attacks or dodge them.

Street Shadow Classic Fighter have very addictive gameplay and many missions. In this you have to fight with other enemies and have to complete mission. It has many addictive missions.

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Game controls:

Right and left mouse.

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