What are the famous puzzle games that you have ever played? Have you ever heard of Mewtrix game online? If you have not played this game yet, spend your free time and explore the colorful shapes that come with lovely cats. You will love this game more and play many times when you have spare time. Cats of the same color will disappear on the screen if they are arranged together.


You need to move the blocks vertically and horizontally so that the cats of the same color are stacked together. www y8 gamesupdate this puzzle game for different players around the world. You will not need to spend a lot of time looking for a game, but instead you can play this game anytime. The colors will increase in number and the game becomes more and more difficult.


Your task is to arrange cats of the same color and increase the score in this game. Move quickly before the images fall down so you do not have to arrange them. What is the highest score you gained in this puzzle game at Save your name to update the score of the game in the next time.


You will not have to worry about joining this game. Save yourself the game tips from the first level and you will win the game with the highest score. Discover the latest puzzle games are constantly updated on our website like Trim FRVR and Cookie Crush. Are you ready for a new journey yet? 

Instruction to play:

Controls game: Use arrow keys to move