Super Plumber Run

Super Plumber Run is an online game that you can play on y8 kid games for free. This HTML game brings you to an eye-catching forest with many types of flora and fauna. The super plumber is exploring this beautiful landscape, do you want to join him?

Your character is running automatically and you just have to help him jump higher when seeing the obstacles. There are many harmful objects on the way such as the birds, the spike gears, the poisonous mushrooms, the hedgehog and so on. As you meet the mushrooms or the birds, you should jump on their heads to avoid getting injured and earn coins but you must not touch the spike objects or you will immediately in y8 amazing game.

Sometimes you have to jump from one platform to another one. However, watch out and be careful because the platform can disappear in many seconds and you can fall out. Don’t forget to collect all the gold coins on the way that help overcome the level and finish the mission. Besides, you also earn points for killing the enemies. Furthermore, you can collect mushrooms to grow and become invincible, fly high into the sky or go deep down and bounce through the subway system. Eat the big mushroom to enlarge yourself, you can prevent one injure in that shape.

Each level requires you to complete the different duty. For instance, in level 1, you must catch 500 points, get the magnet power up 5 times, and go to the sky bonus 5 times. When you finish the first task, you can unlock the next one. When you die for the first time, you can revival one time with the special mushroom. Try your best to conquer the game.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left click to jump, hold longer to jump higher, and press down arrow to stomp.