is a wonderful game which allows you to play on y8 io games for free. This HTML game is so convenient that you can play everywhere in both browsers (safari, chrome) and touch devices (tablet, Samsung, Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Window phones). Let's arrive the ultimate battlefield with various players around the world.

You possess one Ugandan Knuckles character named Broda and you are equipped a basic spear. Name your character and join the game. When you progress, you can unlock other powerful and beautiful characters as well as the modern weapons. In the field, you have to move around and collect as much food as possible. The food appears in the shape of the light spots which are scattered on the ground in y8 2018 games for kids. Approach them to pick them up to level up. The more spots you can collect, the more points you gain.

However, there are plenty of enemies who are willing to kill you and dispute your food. To survive longer, you have to eliminate your nearby opponents by hitting them with your weapon. As you hit them, they die and disappear. Besides, you must also avoid their attack because you also pass away when they hit you and you have to try from level 1.

In addition to this, your playing time affects your score. It means the longer you survive, the more bonus points you gain.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to change the direction and use the left click to boost.