is a fantastic multiplayer io game y8 that takes inspiration from the popular title. In this game, you control a single living cell and you must try and eat other cells to increase your size and become the largest organism on the playing field.

Move around the playing field and eat as many cells as possible to grow your cell size – once you feel you are large enough, you can attempt to take on other players and try to consume their cells – be sure to only attempt to eat cells that are larger than you otherwise you will be eliminated! You can split your own cell down into smaller pieces to collect more cells but this will leave you vulnerable to attack so be careful! Can you be the last cell standing and dominate the Tolxy arena?

How to play:

The main task in on Y8games is to become the leader of the card by the number of people recruited. For this, you need to collect points of mass that lie on the field. The points are added quite a bit, but sometimes there are points – jokers, bringing more than a hundred masses. They look like a completely ordinary points. But most points come, of course, from eating smaller players. And here is buried a real treasure of fun! Beware of spiked circles on the field of If you absorb them, they will spread your cage into dozens of smaller pieces. This is very dangerous, because small pieces are easy prey for other players. But even when you are big and very big, thorns do not lose their danger. They will mass out of your cells, throwing it away to the side with slices of 10 masses. From the outside it looks like a super attraction of unprecedented generosity, which is immediately used by other players! With the set of masses your cell becomes heavier and it is more difficult to move. If you divide it into 2 equal halves, then they will move faster! And you can share more to increase your speed. The pieces are pulled back for quite some time, but after a while all the pieces will merge again into one large cage. On the map travels the blue star of the Teleporter. Once in it, you are ported to a random place. After that, the teleport appears somewhere else on the map. Its use does not affect the mass.

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  • A cool combination of and battle-royale gameplay
  • Very big map
  • You can zoom-in/out the map
  • Useable skins

Instruction to play:

  • Move your mouse to control the circle
  • Left click or space bar to split
  • Right click or W to eject