Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3d

Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals is a fun and interesting animal simulation game of y8 games for kids in which you take control of a lone wolf. You must help the wolf survive against the harsh realities of the wild and try to find food and shelter. Move around this open world and hunt for prey - tackle other animals such as deer, bears and foxes - you must show your power and prove your strength as a hunter!

Aside from hunting, you can also complete various different tasks for the humans in the world of y8 online games like fetching produce and pulling carts. Don't forget that you can also raise your very own wolf family - find a mate and raise your beautiful and adorable wolf cubs! You can then teach them your hunting skills and raise them to become fierce hunters too! This game is a heap of fun and will keep you entertained for hours!

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, Left click to attack, Space bar to jump, and Shift to sprint.