Clash Of Warlord Orcs

Clash Of Warlord Orcs is a fun-addicting strategy battle game with orcs, devils and more evil creatures which is playable y8 games 2 player. In today's game, you have to choose the right cards that you then place on the board. Different orcs will fight for you and your task is to find the right strategy to


Get ready for an action packed fight featuring warlord orcs! Play your deck just right so that you can bring down your enemy buildings one by one. Defend your own castle using spells and defensive orcs. You have three minutes to try to completely destroy your opponent and win the fight.


During each battle, a green power bar on the bottom of the screen will increase constantly. Here at y8 boy, once you have enough power, you will be able to unleash different kinds of warriors or direct attacks to destroy your opponent’s base. Each base is protected by 2 towers, so start focusing on crashing those first. When one of your rival’s a tower is destroyed, you can place your units closer to to base. Play your cards right and defeat them all. Enjoy!


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Instruction to play:


Use finger or mouse to play your cards