Millionaire 2018

Millionaire 2018 is the latest version based on the famous Game Show - Who wants to be a millionaire. It is one of the best intelligent games which is worthy to play in 2018. Take part in this game show online and you will have an opportunity to expand your knowledge of the outside world.

You can not only play the game to relax but also learn many valuable things from it. There are totally 15 questions about plenty of topics and you must answer them one by one sequentially. Each question in y8 games for kids is relevant to a prize of money. If you give the right answer to the first question, you will get 100$, and then you continue answering the second question correctly, you have totally 200$ for your budget for instance. Similarly, 1 000 000$ will be your particular amount of money. Thus, you are the winner and become a millionaire.

You get 30 seconds for each question and the time is counted down in a circle-shaped box on the top of the screen. You must think fast to choose one of 4 suggestion boxes before the time is up at y8 free games. If it is the right answer, this box turns into green color. By contrast, it turns into red color. The topics are about geography, currency, destination, history, language, sport and famous person. For example, the first question is “what is the official language in Great Britain”. Whenever you answer incorrectly, you must restart from the beginning.

However, you are allowed to use the support when you are not sure about the answer. You can call a friend for advice or consult the audience. Each assistance must be used one time. Use your understanding to face all questions and get 1000000$. 

Instruction to play:

Click to choose the right answer.