Connect Lines

Connect Lines is a puzzle intelligent game which can be played on y8 games. The game is quite difficult, so you must whack your brain to solve many levels. You will play with many lines and curves. They are taken apart but they can link together to make a perfect geometry.

There are many parts which are considered to be the pipes and valves on the screen and you must connect them together to create a solid block. These objects are white and the background changes its color at each level. All the parts will brightly shine when you connect them successfully. The game has a collection of special shapes for you to try on and each of them is equivalent to one level as well as a mission and you have to finish one by one to unlock the next duty. You win the game as you complete all the levels in y8 games for kids.

The valves are bent while the pipes are straight. Valves have 2 or 3 ends. Some valves are in shape of a cross. Swivel them to link the ends together. You get more difficulties when you are in the higher levels. For instance, in level1, you connect just 2 pipes and in level 2, you connect 2 pipes and 1 valve. You rotate them in such way that they meet. After finishing each level, you gain one point. Try your best to accomplish as many challenges as possible to receive the highest score. The game doesn’t limit your playing time. Thus, you can think carefully and don’t be in rush to make a wise plan.

The player who is more intelligent can get the victory.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to rotate the parts.