Jetpack Rusher

Jetpack Rusher is an online running game which you can play on y8y8y8 games for school for free. This fun skill game can help you improve your reflexion skills because you always have to be alert to overcome the sudden obstacles on the way. You are in a dangerous tunnel and your duty is to discover the tunnel as well as collect as many gold coins as possible.

Your character is moving toward automatically and you just need to help him jump up or fly higher at the suitable time to avoid hitting the obstacles. You strap on a bullet-powered jetpack, hold click to goes up. You have to pass over many types of impediments such as the rockets, the lasers and so on. Attempt to stay away from this harmful objects because you will die immediately with no second chance.

There are many gold coins which can help you unlock the next map in y8 games for kids, so you should collect them all. Each map needs 200 coins to unlock and your coins are incremental each time you play this game. Besides, sometimes you can see the helpful things such as the shields which can keep you alive as you hitting the barriers and it maintains in a short time, the heart which brings you one more life, an engineering box which turns you into a flappy robot. Try your best to explore more maps as you can.

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Instruction to play:

Click your mouse to fly.