Baby Elsa Puppy Surgery

Welcome to an extremely fun and fun pet surgery game with Baby Elsa Puppy Surgery at y8 online 2020. This is a free online game and you can participate in your browsers. with extremely graphic design with vivid sound. I firmly believe that you will be extremely fascinated from the first time you join. Elsa's pet is injured and it needs help right now. Can you help it? Take the dog to your veterinarian's office and show him the wound and can treat it immediately.

First, wash the dog cleanly. Then take out the things that are on the dog. Then put the medicine on the wound and wait for it to heal. Your dog has had timely surgery and it is returning to normal. Elsa would be happy about this. As soon as you take care of your pet to get well, you can let yourself dress up the cutest outfits. First, choose your hairstyle. There are many different hairstyles. Is Elsa suitable for long hair?

Depending on your preference choose what you feel like the best. Then and will choose for Elsa a lovely dress, a pair of shoes and accessories such as earrings, necklaces. In the end, it is you who choose to give Elsa a bag. She has become extremely amazing. Join your friends in this game Baby Elsa Puppy Surgery at now to learn about pet healing. It's great to come as you challenge some other game names like Baby Hazel Grandparents Day and Baby Taylor Caring Story Children's Day.

Instruction to play:

Use cursor for the mouse to conquer the game.