Noob Button 1


Noob button tells you an interesting story about Noob vs Pro vs Zombie. Just tap Noob button to play. Be careful, it may not be you playing with the button. She's playing with you. The game is as simple as this: the Noob is now a button, and you press it by clicking or tapping it; as you do so, lines of dialogue appear on the screen; read them as much as you can to learn more about this world, the character, how it became a button, and other cool stuff!

We hope this will be an interesting game that you can save in your favorite game list to relax. Also, you have the opportunity to explore other similar fighting games like Steveman Lava World at y8 games online. Start your favorite journey now. You can win all the challenges today.

Instruction to play:


Click Left Mouse Button to play.