It's time to relax, you're a duck now from y8y8 games. Swim around and rescue as many ducklings as possible. Dodge the reckless boats, they will hurt you. UPGRADE your home by retrieving more ducklings and get the best looking nest in the pond. By getting a bigger home you'll also unlock more funny hats. Collect all 50 hats! You can change your apearance by quacking close to your nest. Show off your nest by inviting your friends to your pond! Share the room code and start a co-op game of ducklings. There's no limit to the amount of friends you can invite, so recruite the biggest duck army possible.

Ducklings is a free to play, easy to play, all ages, web game with co-op multiplayer. Perfect for playing with friends and family. Teamwork is important. Invite and play with friends, explore together by sharing the unique room code. Create the biggest duck empire. There is no limit to the number of players you can invite. Crossplay with the web and iOS and Android app is possible. Unlock crazy nest stages and funny hats by retrieving ducklings.

The more ducklings you save the crazier the in-game rewards become and your nest will, get a playground for your cute ducklings, unlock a school, zen garden, windmill, Mexican style garden, cozy lights, lighthouse, carnival ship, a gate to protect your base, feather decoration, rollercoaster, have a big spinning Ferris wheel, get a golden statue of yourself. Parade your crazy hats to your friends. Ducklings has over 50 hats to unlock. Crazy hats like a flamingo hat, a helicopter hat, crocodile hat, flag hat, wig hat, crab hat, pelican hat, wooden headphones with cool glasses hat, tiara, egg hat, warrior hat, Ceasar hat, flower hat, koala hat, zen hat, Robin Hood-style hat, gentleman's hat, feather hat, jellyfish hat, wizard hat, duckling hat, Russian type hat, and a golden crown!

Ducklings has a karma system, if you don't steal from other ducks they will try to not steal from you. If you steal from other ducks they will be more likely to steal some ducklings out of your chain, but after stealing some from you they will leave you alone again. This is connected to the player so if you play with friends and they steal this won't affect your karma score. Use this to your advantage.

Have one friend aggressively steal ducklings, hand them over to the less hostile player to return them home. If one of the players dies he will lose some of his progress, so make sure the most experienced players are returning the ducklings. Watch out for enemies, these are sailboats and rowboats. The further you get in the game the faster they will move. So learn their pattern of moving to not get hit.

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Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to make the duck swim.

You can also use WASD or the arrow keys