Random Cards Tower Defense

Random Cards: Tower Defense is not an easy game on Y8 for school. But you should not be afraid. Consider it a challenge! Consider that you need to become a champion. Assemble a team of the strongest or smash the enemy one-on-one. Keep in mind that in order to win, you will need to calculate all the actions. Every step must be thought out. Play out different tower defense scenarios, make wise decisions, improve cards. And be prepared for the fact that you will have to make difficult decisions! Each card has its own strength and its own power. The outcome of the battle will not depend only on chance.

With the mouse you are going to buy cards, random ones, using the funds available to you, so that you place them on the board around the road, and from them, attacks will be generated that are meant to defeat the waves of monsters, which you have to prevent from reaching the end of the course.

Look for: Monster X Sushi and Break n Bounce.


Instruction to play:

Use the mouse.