Are you a fan of shooting games? These shooting games always fascinate players by its play style. Join Gangsters at games y8 now to be able to feel such a shooting game. Are you ready to take on the challenge of the game? This game is for 2 players. Is not it great? You can invite your friends to join together for fun.

If your friends are not involved, you can play on the computer. At the start of the game, you will feel like you are in a classic space. Your mission in this game is to control three people in an extremely lovely lineup. In this game, you can fight with a variety of different weapons such as swords, guns, knives.

Make sure you can pick up all the pistols and guns for each of your characters. Your opponents are also very strong, so you need to attack quickly and decisively. You only have 2 ways to control your army of combat. It is dance and uses guns, sword to kill enemies. Gangsters at would definitely be a great thing for you.

An extremely fun and bloody shooting game with lots of different battle locations. Will make players have a lot of emotions. Do not forget to share this with your friends and invite them to be able to have the experience together.

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Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses W = Jump, E = Attack. Player 2 uses I = Jump, O = Attack.