Follow The Line Online

 Follow The Line: Just keep your finger on the screen at Y8 Games, Drag your finger and run through the randomly generated maze and try to follow the line and run as far as you can.

It is super fun and it just lets u control a couple of dots to follow a line and there are these hard obstacles like a ball that rolls around and you need to get past it and there are these curved line with two openings to get in and out and you have to get past it. There is a lot more obstacales too. And further you get harder it gets. Like my high score is 301 and i can not get past it either. But besides that the point is the game is awesome and fun!!!!!!!

Elegant and simple finger-runner. Just keep your finger on the screen, stay inside the line and walk through randomly generated maze. Don't step into obstacles or traps and run as far as you can.

This game is good... A small tip for those who complained because of the ads. If you don't want ads to show up while your playing ,just turn off your internet access or your wifi connection to prevent ads to pop up ,that's what I do all the time and it work for me. . . Overall this game is great the music is good and relaxing ang this game has a very good challenge. Keep up the good work guys

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