Unicorn Kingdom

Unicorn Kingdom is a fun and exciting platform game which is inspired by the wonderful My Little Pony Movie. This game is created for fans of y8 games online for free. Your mission in this game is to lend Unicorn a hand to overcome various challenges and collect the twinkle gems to unlock plenty of levels.

Travel to the kingdom of Unicorn to explore many beautiful landscapes and gain the interesting experiences. Control your little cute unicorn to take an adventure in this area. There are 3 maps with the different challenges and attractive rewards for you: Spring, Frozen, and Candy. Each of them has a range of levels with the different difficulties and obstacles.

There are many gems and heart-shaped diamonds on the way. The colored gems are scattered on the ground and the heart-shaped diamonds are suspended in the sky in y8 games for kids. You have to run and touch the gems to collect them and fly higher to the sky to collect the diamonds.

Besides, watch out to avoid the obstacles such as the flying birds, bushes, woods, rocks, and even the dragon. You must run fast to keep away from the dragon because it can kill you by breathing fire if you get too close. If you touch the obstacles, you will fall down, press Space to revive and continue the trip. You can see 2 bars on the bottom of the screen. You have to fill up both of them before reaching the endpoint to create a key to unlock the next level. If one of them is not filled, you have to replay this level.

Run and fly and dodge the many different obstacles and use your unicorn powers to conquer this game.

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Instruction to play:

Use the right arrow to run and Spacebar to fly.