Tower Defense 2

The protection of your castle always faces a lot of difficulties ahead. When participating in Tower Defense 2 game online at yy8, players will think of ways to fight and defeat enemy troops with already available combat weapons. Once you kill the enemy, you will have a certain amount used to upgrade the fighting weapon. However, you need specific strategies to buy the most needed weapons for every battle.


If you spend too much money, you will not be able to continue fighting in your level as enemies advance. You just need to buy the necessary weapons and upgrade them to destroy all enemies. Your army will fight the enemy if you choose the sword icon. Players can bomb and destroy large numbers of enemies. This game at games y8 is built upon the ancient fighting game model but with the different weapons, you need time to learn how to use and upgrade them.


Different weapons will kill all enemies. You will make money by destroying the enemy's army. With the number of different enemies, you will have a certain amount. Each level has 3 options that you will choose to pass depending on your abilities. First, choose the simplest level of play until you master the steps and end up with the most difficult levels.


After unlocking all levels, you can become the best player in We also update other fighting games like Antzerspace that you can relax when joining those matches with your friends. Protect your stronghold today!

Instruction to play:

Use your left mouse button to choose the most suitable weapon for each match