Traffic Game

Traffic Game - Games Y8: No pedestrian shall cross the highway when there are no signal lights. Except this little guy. Help the robot to reach the other side of the road alive even through the traffic flow is heavy in directions. Watch the traffic and try to cross the street safely without getting hit by a car. Enjoy this online traffic game for iPhone, iPad, tablet and Co.!


Use Mouse to click on Arrow Up and Down

Upon entering the game, the player controls a guy and helps him through the highways with lots of vehicles across. Use two up and down arrows instead of the character's forward and backward.

With each step up for the character you scored a point. Through more and more high speed, the greater your score the greater the score. Between each freeway, the freeway will have a stop for you to view the car and help the character to the next.

Get into the world of Traffic Game on Y8 Free Game and help him on the road without danger.

This is a simple brainstorming game that is suitable for a wide range of ages and types of players, and is a great entertainment game in your spare time. Discover more game at

Instruction to play: