Pool Mania

Play Pool Mania for free on Y8 games. This one-of-a-kind pool game will test your brain and talents. Collect stars to unlock stronger cues, allowing you to complete more difficult levels. Play pool, explore the levels, and collect all of the unique cues. Gather all of the cues. Sweep through levels while combining your play with powerups in this tough game. Shoot balls into holes with your cue to earn points and stars so you may advance and unlock more powerful cues. To solve the stages, use your brains and talent, but be aware that they will become more difficult as the game progresses. Have fun on https://y8games.games/!

Get ready for the journey and enjoy the skills you gain while playing the game. Relax with the highest score you have. You will love your new game and other similar games like Arcade Hoops

Instruction to play: